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Room Tax Grants

Room Tax Grant Funding

Applications Open April 11 - May 24 2024

Funding is devoted to community non-profit groups for tourism development and promotion in the Tomahawk area.

Eligibility: 501(c)(3) Applicants from non-profit groups who market our area with a focus on bringing people to our room tax zone, as well as look for ways to develop the destination for future years. Consideration will be given to non-profits that offer activities or events that will encourage people to stay longer.

Funds granted are for the Fiscal Year they are approved. A non-profit may not receive funding two years in a row. The Chamber will not fund for-profit organizations, organizations operating expenses, volunteer pay or stipends.

The grant application must be completed in its entirety. Room tax funds may only be used for activities and costs identified in the application. Failure to comply with the conditions of the grant may result in the termination, future ineligibility for the program, and reimbursement of room tax funding.

Funds granted are for the Fiscal Year they are approved. A non-profit may not receive funding two years in a row.

The Proposal Summary should include the following information:

  1. A list of your Board of Directors.
  2. A summary explaining the primary benefits of your program or event as it relates to this grant, addressing the questions and specifications listed below. For events, please provide detailed event schedules, dates, duration, frequency, and venues (2 page maximum).
  3. Provide:
    1. Description, including history/background of the program/event.
    2. How your event program/event will increase visitation and/or enhance the visitor experience.
    3. How it will impact your organization. Include expected percentage increases in customers, overnight visitation, and estimated economic impact.
  4. If your project cannot be fully funded, how would you adapt the project?
  5. Explain how your project fits into the current tourism and events landscape. Is there a need for this kind of program/event?
  6. Identify competing projects or like-events held within a 30-mile radius.
  7. Outline how you intend to evaluate the project/events (i.e., survey methods, ticket sales, key performance indicators, etc.) and whether this varies from the most recent method applied to this project/event.
  8. A marketing plan for attracting out-of-market visitors to the Tomahawk area (1 page maximum). Include specific media and public relations plan, target markets, advertising plans, and other out of area promotional plans.
  9. A proposed budget for the project with Tourism Grant request line-item detail (1-page maximum). Methods for calculating attendance statistics (surveys, ticket sales, etc.) and hotel room nights.
  10. A copy of your sponsorship benefits package, if applicable.

Approval is based on the grant application, focus, proposed outcome, and measurables.

The Committee will consider applications from non-profit groups and organizations that provide marketing and focus on bringing people to the Tomahawk area, along with developing the destination. The Committee will also consider applications from non-profit groups and organizations that offer activities or events that will encourage people to stay longer. If funds are granted, the Tomahawk Chamber logo will need to be present at events and all development projects as the grantor.

The Board will not provide room tax funds for an organization’s operating expenses, volunteer pay, or stipends.

Grants are reviewed by a Room Tax Committee reporting to the Chamber Board. The full Chamber Board will have final review and approval.

The Tomahawk Regional Chamber of Commerce must be given recognition for its financial support on promotional materials including brochures, news releases, programs, publications, and other materials. This recognition must include the use of the Tomahawk Chamber’s logo. When no printed information is developed, verbal recognition shall be given during the presentation or performance.

A final accounting to the TRCOC Executive Director is due one month after the event/or project completion as indicated on the application.

Please include:

  • final line-item accounting of the revenues and expenses,
  • attendance statistics (i.e., attendee numbers and demographics)
  • reporting of any surplus (fund balance) and indication that funds will be applied for subsequent year events,
  • a copy (or copies) of promotional materials to prove use of funding acknowledgement (ads, website, etc.)